Focus countries have been Mozambique, Swaziland, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda and the Philippines. CCO raises people and funds to hand deliver solar powered Audio Bibles on short-term trips, train and disciple nationals, aide in disaster relief, well drilling, education programs and micro-finance projects in remote destinations. These efforts empower nationals to rise above their circumstances as well as to hear the Bible in their language and share it with others in their community on a daily basis.

CCO is active in recording and acquiring audio recordings of the New Testament in the mother languages of highly illiterate people groups. All this is done by partnerships with Bible Societies, Bible Translators and volunteers able to travel and serve. CCO raises awareness and funds though charitable events, the sale of fair-trade products from developing countries, grants and generous gifts from schools, churches and individuals.


Our desire is that the native people in the countries we work in would continue to maintain ownership and leadership in the programs in their villages and communities. The nationals are the ones who will bring lasting change to their communities. We want to continue to come alongside them to encourage a sustainable, lasting and holistic transformation among their people.



The United Nations, which defines illiteracy as the inability to read and write a simple message in any language, has conducted a number of surveys on world illiteracy. Today it is estimated that over 1 billion people are illiterate. This is however a soft statistic. There are 4.35 Billion people in the world that do not read. They are completely illiterate, functionally literate, visually impaired, or part of an oral society. The highest illiteracy rates are found in the less developed nations of Africa, Asia, and South America.

CCO's base is Mozambique, South East Africa, ranked by the World Bank as the 6th poorest country in the world with the tenth highest illiteracy rate. CCO is a collection of national staff and volunteers, both shorrt-term and long-term, serving in Mozambique and the USA. Our amazing team works hand and hand in partnership with national individuals, schools, churches and organizations. We focus on community transformation, training and equipping leaders, discipleship and the spreading of the good news of Christ through each team member. We focus on empowering the nationals and equipping them with the right tools, including Audio Bibles. The parable of the sower in Mathew 13 tells usthat the seeds thrown upon rocky soil or amongst thorns were choked out and unable to grow roots. How do we help stop this cycle? The same way Martin Luther did in 1534. We must make God’s Word available to commonpeople in their mother tongue in a way that is mostunderstandable. The invention of the printing press made copies of The Bible available to those in need and the result was the Reformation. Today the way to bring reformation to the illiterate church and less-reached communities across the world is by using current technology to make God’s Word and education available to all through MP3 Audio Bibles recorded in the languages of those in need.

Many well known sources will not publish literacy rates as countries tend to bend them to make them look more literate than they actually are. Illiteracy is often a source of shame as it holds people down from education, economic development and spiritual growth. Illiteracy cripples communities. When men and women cannot read they rely on their past experiences and knowledge rather than the truth. Illiteracy varies from country to country, but even more so from people group to people group. It is not often that the needs of the illiterate church is thought about, spoken of, prayed for and responded to. This is why CCO exists.