CCO's current Chairman of the Board is Luke Rider of San Diego California. He has lived in Mozambique since 2004 and has been a student of Mozambican culture and is fluent in two of its (42) local languages. He serves as the community development director with his beautiful wife, Kristen and their amazing son Ama. Their heart and strategic vision behind CCO is to see social compassion lead to the empowerment of Mozambicans. Leaders will maintain ownership of programs that they as the nationals believe will work and transform their country for the better. 

CCO's Mozambican staff are the true heroes that give CCO its uniqueness and effectiveness to reach communities needing relief and change.  Their focus is to create tangible solutions to solve physical and healthcare needs. Their responsibilities range from teaching Education to Agriculture & small business expertise, to repairing water wells to community counsel and offering practical medical aide. From its humble beginnings until today CCO has assisted hundreds of rural communities and mentored over 17,000 national leaders.

The Nationals are the ones that can bring lasting change to their communities. We want to continue to come alongside them through our programs to encourage a sustainable, lasting and holistic transformation amongst their people.



Cross Connection Outreach was officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2005 with Southern California as its roots and headquarters. The founding members of CCO have been involved in holistic community development in Mozambique since 2002. Its mission has always been to encourage and equip nationals to implement and lead effective community development programs. CCO encourages committed national partnerships for spiritual growth, skill training and micro-financing to emphasis TRADE not AID.


Focus countries have been Mozambique, Swaziland, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda and the Philippines. CCO hosts short-term trips to Mozambique, trains and mentors nationals, aides in medical and disaster relief, well drilling, educational, sports programs. CCO also focuses on highly illiterate and un-engaged tribes.