With a population of 25 million people, Mozambique only has 874 doctors.

CCO is working to set up mobile medical clinics in the most rural communities to offer free, compassionate healthcare to those in need.

Join a small team of professionals this year to travel with CCO to rural villages and offer medical aide to those in need. Each trip is custom tailored based on the skills of    those involved. All are welcome! Mozambique is in need of Doctors, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Nurses, and Nurse Practitioners to volunteer their time to serve those in need.

On this trip you may be stretched and challenged but the joy that comes as a result of your compassion & service is incomparable. You will be a part of providing health and healing to those in need. Some of the patients in remote areas live forty miles from a clinic and travel many miles on foot to receive treatment at these Mobile Medical Missions Outreaches.

In this area of the world HIV, waterborne disease, malaria and tuberculosis have caused life expectancy to decline to around 50 years. The mortality rate with children under the age of 5 is one of the highest in the world. People are unnecessarily suffering and dying from simple sicknesses.


$30 can treat 10 people. Please consider giving any amount to our medical compassion fund so we can continue to offer our mobile medical clinics in the rural areas.

Contact us if you are interested in joining a team of medical professionals or build your own team by hand picking colleges and co-workers or would like to donate medical supplies for teams to administer.  

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