In Mozambique students are required to wear a school uniform to school every day. Many parents and students are unable to purchase a school uniform and this keeps children from attending school. CCO works with local tailors to manufacture thousands of uniforms for students in need every year. A new uniform makes students excited to attend school and gives incentive to continue their studies. CCO works closely with Social Welfare and the Ministry of Education in Mozambique to target the most impoverished communities that have the weakest school participation. At each new school uniform distribution students are assembled and given a message by CCO national staff that encourages them to continue to study to change their lives, families, villages and their country.

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Sports is a fun way to connect with kids worldwide. It is proven to be one of the most effective ways to communicate a message, moral or lesson. CCO's staff facilitate Kids Games experiential learning for Mozambican schools in the Inhambane and Sofala Provinces. Through Kids Games students learn lessons about love, speaking truth and encouragement, honesty, team work, communication, the value of education and have a lot of fun while doing it. These activities are often paired with a school uniform distribution. Teachers, students and parents all benefit from the fun and result of encouraged character. Come on one of our trips to Mozambique and participate in the joy for yourself!

The Leadership Training School is the core essence of CCO's vision for Mozambique. It was birthed by CCO's national staff and their vision for their city. It is possibly the first of its kind in Inhambane Province being fully led by nationals. The school currently has 50 students studying for a three-year accredited Leadership Education Certificate. The student body is made up of farmers, mothers, pastors, policemen, evangelists and carpenters. Students graduate as teachers, counselors, spiritual and social development aid workers as well as conflict mediators for their communities. These are urgently needed in Mozambique.

This school encourages students of various walks of life, denominations, occupations and various levels of education. 

The CCO Leadership School has much room to grow and develop. Its facilities have minimal amenities. Some come from far distances to attend school. Others walk over five miles each day to attend. Many students have difficulties paying the annual tuition fees of $200 and need sponsorship.